Represented Buyers in the purchase of a vacant lot in Haena

My wife and I recently decided to purchase a piece of property on the North Shore of Kauai not realizing that purchasing in the islands offers a few challenges unique to the islands as opposed purchasing on the mainland.

Were it not for Wren’s calm and experienced approach I have little doubt our wonderful results likely would have ended in great disappointment.

Wren took the time to gain a clear understanding of our short and long term goals with this purchase. In our case we were flexible in terms of either an existing home or vacant land but had very different expectations between them.

Wren was incredible in her ability to quickly reach and receive clear and concise answers from the County of Kauai land use staff. Her sage advice and introductions to key staff members has instantly created an excellent working relationship between myself and the County. She always kept the transaction moving forward by creating a schedule of milestones. All parties knew which had been reached and what remained throughout the transaction.

I have worked with many realtors over the years acquiring various properties. Without exception all have been competent and professional.

Wren greatly exceeded my past experiences with realtors in terms of market knowledge, building code requirements and timely, accurate responses to my endless questions. All of this was served with a calm and reassuring demeanor which simply evaporated the pressure during key milestones of our purchase.

In short we consider Wren a trusted advisor and partner going forward with future purchases and sales on the lovely island of Kauai.

If your dreams bring you to Kauai in search of a home I strongly suggest contacting Wren.
Drew, Dana and Luke